The term ‘superfood’ is a simple term used for the types of food that contain high amounts of essential nutrients and have properties that benefit our health and well being. In this post we look at the Ultimate Superfoods List For Healthy Vision (and offer a sublime smoothie recipe).

Many people, when thinking about healthy foods, probably think of vegetables and fruits. And of course they would be correct. In fact, there are 10 food types that we consider to be the major Superfood Groups.

What Are The Superfood Groups?

We have included an infographic below which gives more information, but for convenience, the 10 Main Superfood Groups are:

  1. Berries;
  2. Fish;
  3. Leafy Greens;
  4. Nuts;
  5. Olive Oil;
  6. Whole Grains;
  7. Yoghurts;
  8. Cruciferous Vegetables;
  9. Legumes;
  10. Tomatoes.

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